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Serving Customers Nationwide


No matter how big, small, complex, or simple your fabrication work is, we can get it done for you in a timely fashion.


In addition to design and fabrication, our team offers design of facilities and equipment for meat processing plants.

Nationwide Custom Design And Fabrication Services

Taking care of your processing equipment and structures

Hi-Plains Millwright & Supply's custom design service team can fabricate your business's equipment as per your product specifications. You’ll be up and running in no time with our affordable and efficient design and fabrication services.

Don't underestimate our services. We can work with metals such as stainless and carbon steel. We can reinforce, maintain, or repair your existing structures or equipment.

Design & Fabrication & Equipment

  • 165-ton crane

  • 17.5-ton crane

  • 3/8 roller

  • 3/8 shear

  • 350-ton hydraulic press brake

  • 8-ton crane

  • Auto CAD design

  • CNC-Hi-Def

On-site fabrications available